This Study is an Ongoing Project since the 90’s, the Subject of the Project is Questioning whether we are Capable of Re-imagining & Regenerating the Masterpieces of Art History in this age of Development in Computer Technology. These three Paintings of Da Vinci, Holbein & Goya are Selected due to Special Reasons.
Monalisa as a Painting which has not been Created by Using of any Visual Devices such as Camera Obscura, Meaning it was Painted from the Artist’s Imagination. It took Da Vinci Seventeen Years to Finish and it is Conforming to his Theory of “Sfumato”.
The Second Painting is a Realistic Work and is also Painted in the Renaissance Period but with the use of Camera Obscura.
And the Last Piece by Goya is Painted from Memory Years after he Witnessed the Incident of May 1808.
As you may see none of these Regenerations are Copies of the Originals but Created by Studying their Techniques alongside the Knowledge of Visual Geometry & Anatomy.